According to latest standards
in warehouse facilities


Warehouse: EUR 49.00 per m2 per year*
Office: EUR 110.00 per m2 per year*

Advance payment for service charges
Warehouse: EUR 5.00 per m2 v.v.o. per year**
Office: EUR 25.00 per m2 v.v.o. per year**

Rent adjustment: Annual according to CPI
Lease term: 5 years
Notice period: 12 months
Payments: Rent, service charges and VAT, monthly in advance
Security: Bank guarantee to the sum of 3 months’ rent, plus service charges and VAT
Other information: Lease on the basis of the model of lessor, based on the standard model of the ROZ,
Council for Real Estate Matters, model July 2003

Acceptance: By mutual agreement

* Prices excluding VAT
** Prices excluding VAT and including heating, electricity and water

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